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Wizard World, Chicago
by mindwack

Hi, everyone! This is an excIting week for us!

We have launched our IndieGoGo campaign to help raise the last bit of funding for our display at Wizard World Comic-Con in Chicago, IL August 21-24. Please consider checking it out; there are a ton of cool rewards for contributing, or you can even help us spread the word by sharing our links.


We also finished the remastering of our most dreaded Prologue page: Flutter. It has had a complete makeover, and is now one of our favorite pages! Check it out here: http://tekka.thecomicseries.com/comics/6/


Thanks to all of our readers for making this whole project feel worthwhile!


Busy, Busy, Busy!
by mindwack

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to do these more often, but the workload seems to get bigger every time we finish something! We uploaded two new pages recently: Chapter One Page 6 and the Remastered, New & Improved Prologue Page 9 (our current favorite page of the lot!)

We are preparing to launch our indiegogo campaign to help raise some money for our table at Wizard World Chicago this August. We will giving out some cool perks to our supporters, so watch for the link this May!

We will have a brand new page this weekend as Chapter One reaches the halfway mark, and the layout has received an overhaul. The Mind Wack Productions website overhaul is also nearing completion, so keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook for info on the new face of Mind Wack!

As we head into the campaigning phase for indiegogo, we would love to have more of our readers leave some comments! It is always encouraging to hear from the fans!


Thank you all for your support,


New Update Next Week
by mindwack

Hi, everyone. We had to take the week off due to some medical issues. Tomorrow (Saturday), we will release the remastered edition of Prologue Page 2. Next Friday we will resume updating with Chapter One Page 4. Sorry for the delays.


Ads Well that Ends Well.
by mindwack

Well, it has certainly been too long since my last blog post, and what better time to rectify that than this week? We have a lot of new stuff going on now that Chapter One is building momentum. We started our first ad campaign on project wonderful. I am happy to say that after the first week we have nearly tripled our daily traffic.

We wanted to thank anyone who has clicked one of our ads in the last few days. It has been a major confidence booster to see those numbers going up and staying up, so again, thank you.

Don't think I am forgetting all the amazing fans who have been checking out the comic since before the ads! Without you guys, we would not have made it this far, so thank you, too!

We will be taking this next week off from updating to finalize our first crowdfunding campaign through indiegogo. More details on that coming throughout the week.

If you haven't done so already, check out our new merchandise shop on cafepress. There is a link in the menu above or you can click here: http://cafepress.com/mindwackmerch

Each month we will reveal two new designs that will be available on selected items, so check back often. All proceeds from the store will curently go toward our first big convention appearance at Wizard World Chicago in August.

You can also choose to donate any amount toward our current monthly goal of $75. Each month that we reach our goal, we will upload special exclusive content only for donators!

Also, if you like our pages, consider voting for us on top web comics here: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/15678/default.aspx


Thanks again to everyone for making this comic feel like it has a chance to shine. It has not been around very long, and the support of fans has kept us motivated through the most doubtful moments. We promise to continue to bring this story to life as long as even one fan wants to see it! Thank you all!



Delays and Excuses
by mindwack

Hey Tekka fans, Scott here with a quick update on this weeks upload. Chris and I have been crazy swamped with work what with the holidays rapidly approaching. We are sooooo close to finishing the next page, and it will be up ASAP if not sooner. Part of the issue has been trying to incorperate the changes to our format and style following the critiques and suggestions from last week. In the next few hours, you will be able to see a revised, new and improved version of page 3, which I am tirelessly trying to finish as Chris scribbles away on his tablet putting some finishing touches on page 4. Thanks for your patience and we promise it'll be worth the wait!


Thanks everyone!